Allow God to take over!

Who is in charge of your life’s steering wheel?

I know that we all like to be in FULL control of our lives steering wheels. We think we always know when to turn left, right or when to continue straight ahead in life.

The truth is that everyone makes mistakes in life and at times take the wrong turnoff. We turn left when we are supposed to turn right or visa versa. When we make the wrong choices we suffer a loss of some kind. In many cases we find ourselves in desperate situations by taking the wrong turnoff in life.

Maybe you are currently in such a desperate situation? I don’t know what your situation might be, however I do know the answer to get you back on track.

Allow God to take over the steering wheel of your life today. Let Him direct your steps. If God tells you to turn left don’t turn right. I want to encourage you to trust God’s plan for your life. He knows exactly what you need and will provide the outcome at just the right time in your life.

Learn to Trust Him today. God will NEVER direct you in the wrong direction. 



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