What is keeping you from victory?

Are you living in victory?

My friend this is a tough question to all of us?

As I write this message on this blog, I once again realize that we SHOULD all be living in absolute victory in this life, however so many of us do not seem to grasp the truth of the victory we all have in life through the victory Jesus Christ established on the Cross. His victory over sin and death IS also our victory!

I know this might seem as a shock to you, maybe you do not feel this victory or you don’t really believe in this victory, but it is absolutely true for each and every person that is alive today.

My friend I want you to grasp this in your spirit today. When Christ Jesus cried out “It is finished” on the Cross of Calvary the biggest victory to mankind’s occurred. Jesus conquered the grave and opened the door for mankind to live in complete victory. (Read John 19v30)

I want to encourage you to accept this victory and to start living the life of a champion with the King of Kings, Jesus Christ right beside you every step of the way.

You are a champion and can live a life of absolute victory today!



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