The power of prayer.

When last did you pray?

My friend when last did you talk to God? He longs to hear from you today!

When you get to a stage in your life when all your plans have failed and you don’t know where to turn to anymore, that is usually when we start praying. We should really be praying first before we make our plans. Ask God for wisdom on how to tackle those challenges you might be facing today.

When we surrender our hearts and our plans to God in prayer we experience great peace. God will unlock wisdom and make the shifts in your life that is needed for you to overcome your challenges, however we really need to surrender and continually seek Him in prayer.

It is crucial that we do not only seek God in the bad times of our lives, but also to praise God in prayer of thanksgiving in the good times of our lives.

My friend I want to encourage you to really start praying, talk to God continually, ask Him for wisdom daily. You will notice how your world and life change radically when you start a life of prayer.



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