How are you spending your time?

Are you spending your time making a difference?

If you want to experience God’s best, stay focused on Him and on the things that are truly important. There will always be a “1000” interesting and even worthwhile things to fill up your time, but there’s a good chance that most of those things will not help you live the best life that God has planned for you.

There are many other activities you could get involved in that may be good in themselves; but if you try to do everything, you’ll wind up being average at a lot of things and not excellent at anything! Those who are living their best life now have their priorities in order. They make time for key relationships. People are God’s most precious creation and should be important in your life. Make sure to do what it takes to share quality time with those God has placed around you.

The people God placed in your life (family, friends, work colleagues) are all there for a reason. Start today by making a positive difference with them and see how your world changes.

Friends recap today on how you are spending your time today and make the adjustments with your time. I guarantee you that it will change your world.


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