Resist Fear!

What are you fearing?

The very moment you first feel fear, you have to resist it and act against it. If you make the mistake of dwelling on your fears and start thinking about all the reasons why you can’t do what God is telling you to do, then it won’t be long before you develop a negative mind-set.

When God told David to go fight Goliath, the Bible says that David moved quickly toward the battlefield.  David didn’t think about it, he didn’t allow fear to grip his heart and talk him out of it. David just moved forward in faith and obeyed God’s command.

Friends, so many people today are just sitting on the sidelines of life. They have tremendous potential on the inside, but they keep letting the enemy talk them out of doing what God wants them to do. Every time they get a vision of victory for their life, the enemy brings fear; and they just swallow his lies hook, line, and sinker. Don’t let that be you! Instead, obey quickly. Resist fear and boldly embrace everything the Lord has in store for you!

Friends I want to encourage you today to close the chapter of fear in your life! You have the King of all kings on your side, Yes you are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ’s finished work and victory on the Cross of Calvary over sin and death!


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