What is faith?

Decide today to have faith..

God wants us to have true faith in Him. According to Hebrews 11, faith is the substance of things hoped for. The word “hope” is also easily misunderstood because it means something entirely different today. Some people think of hope as luck, “I hope I pass this test.”

God’s view of hope is certainty and confidence, a great expectation of what is to come. Having true faith in God means having a confidence that what He says is true, even though you don’t see Him and you can’t prove the future. Having a hope for a future with God is what drives believers to makes themselves more like Christ each day.

Friends, decide today to believe what God says in His Word! Have faith that you will make it through to the other side of every challenge you are experiencing. Start to declare God’s Word and promises over your life today and see how God will meet you at the point of need in your life!



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