Is your life cloudy?

Friends, this morning as I was driving I noticed the clouds moving past the moon and I sensed that this is the situation in so many people’s life’s today.

Maybe you are in a season of dark clouds or a season of clouds of mist, whatever the clouds in your life represents today I want to encourage you with the message that there is hope for you. So today if you are experiencing clouds in your relationships, your marriage, your finances, your health or in any other area of your life, you can take heart and know that clouds DO NOT remain forever.

Friends, be encouraged today to look past the clouds in your life. Focus on God and His promises over your life. God’s plan is a plan of a hope and a future for you. I want to encourage you today to start declaring the victory over your life and start speaking to those clouds. Declare that the cloudy season WILL pass and that you WILL overcome.

Today you can push back your shoulders and take authority over the cloudy areas in you life and know that you are more than a conquerer through Christ Jesus finished work on the Cross of Calvary my friends. Do not allow a few clouds to steal your joy and the future God has in store for you!

Stay blessed!!


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