The God of breakthrough & miracles!

Friends do you believe that God is still the same God of miracles and wonders as we read in the Bible? During the time Jesus spent on earth with His disciples He performed many miracles, He healed death ears, He resurrected Lazarus from the dead, He healed blind eyes, He fed thousands of people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes, He turned the water into wine! These are just a few examples of the miracles Jesus performed on earth.

My question to you today my friend is this: “Do you still believe in the miracle-working power of God?” What miracle and or breakthrough do you require from God today? Do you need healing? What is the state of your marriage, your finances, what is your situation at work or do you feel depressed? My friend I have news for you today! Come to Jesus, He is MORE that able not just to meet your need, but the provide exceedingly and abundantly more than our needs!

Today I want to encourage you to place your area of need before the Throne of God, lay down your burdens and trust in Him to come through for you. We need to have faith in God and speak life into our future! The Bible says that if we only had the faith of a mustard seed, we could say to mountains move and it will move! Do you have faith today, do you trust that God will supply in your needs?

Be encouraged today by the fact that God is still the same God and He can and will provide for you! Just trust Him today.

As you pray the prayer of faith below today, experience how God will meet you in your area of need:

” Father God, thank you that I can know today that You are in Control. I thank you for the plans you have for my life and future and that the future is bright. Today I place all my burdens, all my cares and all my needs at Your feet Father, I surrender to You and I trust in You to meet and exceed every area of need and lack in my life! I proclaim the victory, I declare that the devil is defeated and under our feet and that You Father God IS the King of all kings! I now receive your blessings and know that You are in Control AMEN!

Be blessed my friends.


One thought on “The God of breakthrough & miracles!

  1. Louw 7 Oct 2014 / 9:01 am

    We often only take the difficult things to God – those that seems to difficult for us to handle. The fact is that we need God in everything – all the time. If we attempt to do things by ourselves we generally make a mess thereof and either take it to God to help us salvage the situation or we carry the burdon with us, leaving room for self resentment and not the life of victory God has destined for us. Trust God with everything – allways and live the life of victory He has destined for us.


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