Get ready for the rain!

Friends are you going through a season of drought in your life today? How are you perceiving the future? Do you see your future flourishing and full of colour or do you see drought and no colour?

Today I want to encourage you with a word that the rain of God is coming! God wants to flood your life with heavy rains today. He does not just want to sprinkle your life with a few drops of rain, NO; He wants to flood your life with rain! Friends get this in your spirit today and believe that God will change your situation.

I want to encourage you to bring all your requests of “drought” to the God Almighty today! Lay down all of your past hurts, losses and sorrow before God today, lay down all of those broken relationships and sickness today!

Declare today that rain is coming! Get ready for heavy rains, not just a few drops here and there, I am speaking about the floodgates of heaven to open over your life. The drought in your life will disappear and God will make your future flourish with abundance! Trust in Him and declare God’s blessing over your life and future!

The Bible says in Psalm 66:12 (NIV) You let people ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance.

Friends be encouraged by this Scripture and declare the abundance of God’s rain and goodness in your future! You future will flourish!

Stay blessed!!


One thought on “Get ready for the rain!

  1. Louw 13 Oct 2014 / 5:28 am

    When Jesus said His last words on the cross “Tetelestai” (it is finished) it meant that He has done everything for us – not only for salvation, but also for a life of victory on earth.

    The gospel is the good news – I like to see it as “nearly too good to be true news”. So although we sometimes think that we are not worthy of God’s blessing we forget that God only see the blood of Jesus and that He wants to bless us with so much more than what we can ask for.

    Although it is difficult, we need to remember that none of our sins can come between us and God’s love for us if we just believe in Him.

    The challenge is thus to accept God’s love and grace and not stand in the way thereof by remembering our own sins and to expect that God would do the same. God loves is beyond our perceived boundaries!


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