Do you have a pit mentality?

Friends, we all experience some kind of setbacks in life. If we look at the life of Joseph, he was rejected by his brothers and through into a pit and sold by his brothers into slavery! The important part of Joseph’s life is that he did not have a “slave” mentality.

In this life we all experience some pitfall moments and events. Maybe you are in the pit today and feel that you are down and out! Maybe you are stuck in this pit? I want to encourage you today to push past the pit you are stuck in today! I have learned in this life through some of my own pitfall experiences and setbacks that when we are down to nothing, God is up to something!

Today, I want to encourage you to get back up on your feet, shake of the past, push back your shoulders and to focus on the future God has in store for you! Be like Joseph that did not allow his thoughts to be thoughts of slavery! Joseph knew that God had a better future in store for him.

Joseph decided not to have a pit mentality, he pushed past the circumstances and setbacks in life and became king! Just like Joseph you can also achieve your goals and dreams by entrusting your unknown future to a known God today!

Stay blessed and enjoy a fantastic day!


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