Nothing can defeat you!

Friends, we all face situations where the odds are against us. We don’t see how we could get out off debt, how a relationship could be restored, how we could ever break an addiction. In the natural, it all seems impossible. It’s easy to just accept it and think, “This is my lot in life.” But David said in Psalm 41, “The favour of God keeps my enemies from defeating me.” When you walk in God’s favour, honouring Him with your life, knowing who you are and whose you are, you cannot be defeated.

Friends, you may suffer a temporary setback, a disappointment or an unfair situation; but if you’ll keep moving forward, it won’t be permanent. What you’re facing may seem bigger, stronger and more powerful, but deep down, don’t be intimidated. One touch of God’s favour can turn any situation around. You’ve got to know you cannot be defeated when God Almighty pours out His favour on your life!

Today I challenge you to speak life over every challenge and setback you are facing! Be like David and declare that your “enemies” will NOT defeat you! The fact is that with God FOR you, NOTHING can be against you!

Stay blessed and walk in God’s favour today!


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