Jump over the wall today!

Friends, the great heroes of the Bible impress us with their strength of their confidence and depth of their faith. As God’s Word tells us, you can do the same great things they did, because you have the same God in you! King David was supremely confident in God – firm in the knowledge God would give him the strength to overcome his obstacles. Philippians 4:13 says you can accomplish anything through the power of Christ in your heart.

Don’t ever think that God did great things only for people in the days of the Bible. That same powerful God can help you jump over a wall in your life today! Just give Him an opportunity and you’ll see just how awesome and powerful He is.

Friends, take courage today and know that God is with you, He is on your side in every situation you are facing today! Keep trusting God and have bold faith, God WILL come through for you.

Stay blessed.


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