What do you do when life comes against you?

Friends, do you have faith in what God promises in His Word? What do you do when life comes against you? Do you proclaim God’s promises over your situation or do you focus on your problems instead?

Whilst I am writing this message on my blog today, God is speaking to my heart to trust in Him. I know that is is very difficult to stand firm in faith when your finances dont balance or when your relationships are in troubled waters. Maybe you are facing a challenge in your health, your workplace or you might not even have a job today, whatever your challenge might be today, God wants you and me to trust Him 100%!

God promises in His Word, Mark 9 verse 23 that ALL things are possible for those who believe. I want to challenge you, as I am challenging myself today, that we have faith in God’s promises. So how do we do this practically? I believe in my heart that our faith will grow stronger as we spend time with God reading the Bible and spending time in prayer worshipping God.

Friends, start today by confusing the devil, by worshipping God even during your time of trouble. Start declaring God’s promises over your situation, your family and your future!

I believe that you WILL start experiencing, God’s love, peace, favor, wisdom and peace in your life by doing the above!

Stay blessed my friends and have faith in God’s promises!


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