Keep moving!

Then the LORD said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving! Exodus 14:15

God’s word for you today is the same word he gave his children. It’s not time to cry, I never told you to stop, MOVE!!! Stop crying, start moving!!! 

Your past will never catch up while you are moving towards the promise! 

Stagnation is the recipe for spiritual atrophy. Keep on moving! Why did the enemy catch up, because you stopped moving. 

But I don’t have money, MOVE.

I don’t have support, MOVE. 

I don’t have a job, MOVE. 

I don’t have … MOVE!!!! 

But I can’t! There’s a sea in front of me.

Listen, if God took you out of Egypt it’s not to let you die looking at the sea.

If he took you out he will see you through! 

He finishes what he started! 

He’s not done with you! 

He won’t leave you halfway. 

Keep moving!


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