Power of prayer

The Power of Prayer

“The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective.”
James 5:16, NIV

My Friends, all throughout the Bible, you can see just how powerful and life-changing prayer is. The best news about prayer is that the same power you read about in the Bible is available to you right here, right now! God intended prayer to change lives. And whenever God Himself is involved in the situation, you know things are important! Through your prayers, you can tap into God’s incredible, inexhaustible power in your life, and you can also be a great encouragement and blessing to those who need prayer around you. James says that prayer can heal and restore people. Make a choice today and every day to be a powerful and effective prayer warrior for God!

Prayer is not a formal prepared speech or discussion, no my friends; with prayer God wants to hear your heart and He wants you to talk to Him in your language just plain and simple. Speak to God from your heart, tell Him what you desire, fear, what you need and what you are dreaming about. Start today by speaking to Him from your heart.

Stay blessed, and remember there is power in prayer!


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