Nothing is impossible!


Jesus answered, “The things impossible for people are possible for God.” Luke 18:27 NCV


Friends, are you facing situations in life that just seem impossible to change? Maybe you are stuck and just feel surrounded by the one crises after the other and it seems that there is no way out?

The fact is that God is not overwhelmed by the things that seems impossible to us. Even in the times we feel overwhelmed, down and out, God is in control! Those impossible situations you are facing will not be the end of your life story. Rise up today my friend, bring it to God and allow Him to direct you to victory.

Take heart in the fact that one moment of God’s favor is worth more that a whole lifetime’s labour! Remember NOTHING is impossible with our God! He is the KING of king’s and LORD of lord’s!

Remain blessed.


Heavenly Father,  we surrender all our impossible situations to You today. Thank you for Your great love and compassion with us. We declare and believe that NOTHING is impossible with You on our side. Amen


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